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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Parity and Apple Daziness

Well it seems the loonie has reached parity today. Incredible. 1 canadian dollar is now worth... well... 1 american dollar.

The Canadian dollar is actually on of the few currencies worldwide to have strengthen lately, since the dollar has been in a rally mode pretty much since November/December.

But take a closer look though. If I would care to take a guess, I'd say the bearishness on this pair is about to end with what seems 5 waves already on this last down move. From there on, it is my opinion that the USD will start to strengthen just as much as it has been happening with other currencies. USDCAD may be a little late for the party, but is sure to make a great entrance I bet.

Apple launched yesterday their iPad, which is full of hype. Just another fancy product that lacks in quality and utility.

If you're one to believe in mass media psychology maybe Apple is reaching it's pinnacle.

The cover of TIMES magazine serves very well for contrarian signals, once a subject makes the cover it usually means it's the pinnacle of that subject.

Hitler made cover in 1939, and Estaline also made cover before his demise.

In 1999 the cover featured Jeff Bezos, Amazon's CEO which was the exact top both for the stock and internet bubble.

2005 the cover was the real estate investor, and we all know how that ended.

After last year's Fall covering Ben Bernanke which I believe to be also his pinnacle, this month's cover:

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