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Monday, September 28, 2009

Let's make some money... (I hope)

The stocks bought a year ago are now sold. Now it's time to look for new companies... In the portfolio, there are 30,501 USD available to put into new shares. So we'll aim for 7 stocks equally distributed, which will make a portfolio of 28 in the end.

The new companies being bought at the open tomorrow, are as follow:


Remember this strategy is based on quartiles and deciles, meaning that running a screener these are the best 5% stocks of the entire NYSE sample, so in theory they should outperform their peers, meaning lose less if the markets as a general falls and gain more as the market rises. I tried to maintain a 50/50 approach of small/mid caps vs. big cap companies. I also made sure I didn't concentrate in the same industry. Ok that's it. 15 minutes "wasted" to choose these companies. Now we have to wait until December 26th ;)

I'm very tired today so I'm going to rest in my coffin as the vampire I am. I do need my beauty sleep sometimes.


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