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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Loomy September

Not to pat my self on the back but...

I nailed it pretty much... ehehe

Now I'm not saying this was the top, there are still alternatives as to this being only a correction, but in my opinion the steepeness of the decline, and the looks of the structure seem impulsive to me so the odds favour we've topped.

Once we reach and breach the 980 mark we can say with more certainty and put the alternatives in the trash, that we topped.

In other news, you may have noted the LMT Portfolio on your left and the Forex account. LMT portfolio is a long only stock portfolio where I intend to beat the S&P year over year. It's low maintenance because we only buy stocks every Quarter around 5-6 stocks where we can have a maximum of 30 stock in the portfolio.
I started this for my private use last September (2008) and you can see how it has beaten the S&P by a large margin, it even had a 20%+ return for the past 12 months despite the chaos in the markets.

I guess not many people can say the same for the last 12 months with such a low maintenance strategy and such passive approach.

Then we have the FX account. This is a live statement of one of my accounts which I funded with 1750 USD. My intention is to grab around 20,000 USD in 12 months... daytrading of course...but even that will be quite passive as well... a maximum 2 trade per day so it isn't such an active approach.

Please keep visiting this blog because enhancements will be made soon...
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