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Monday, December 7, 2009


Hello everyone. Not much to add regarding the indices front. They remain at the same juncture pretty much and long-term I am still bearish. There are a few developments though in other assets like EURUSD, Gold, AUDUSD and the Dollar Index, which to me is becoming the most relevant asset to merit a close watch. As I said a few weeks ago, it's all about the dollar...

S&P remains the same juncture... just under the 50% Fib and look at the divergences going on - this is a different indicator than the last few weeks:

 EURUSD sports the same divergences, and also broke the trendline that was supporting it a few days ago...

 Add that to the major sell off last week, but most importantly the characteristics of the sell off... Classic textbook Elliott Wave form with 5 waves down as you can see in the picture... so at least a deeper correction is on the cards... a correction would dump EURUSD into the 1.43 area, while a reversal would be the start of the decline under last year's low.

AUDUSD has many resemblances to EURUSD. In fact, AUDUSD was the first pair to sport 5 waves down a week or more ago if I recall correctly. This too, should have more downside potential. A trading plan here, alike EURUSD would be to short on the rallies like a 38 or 50% Fibonacci retracement of friday's decline.

Now, let's move to GOLD. That little shinny yellow object that most of us love. Who doesn't ? :-D

Anyways, here to we have MAJOR divergences, and for the first time in a long time we have a textbook Elliott Wave form decline, sporting 5 waves down. It can't get cleaner than this. Again the plan here would be to wait for a little rally into the 38-50 Fibonacci area and then getting in.

Oh I almost forgot... one more thing. Remember my charts on USD Index? I've been favoring a big rally coming on USD. Lately, it seems USD has found a bid. Let's see if it can continue this strong. It's imperative to remain strong and break those resistances. But here's what I prep for you guys...

An ABC flat looks like this:

Now let's take a  peek into USD Index...

Now tell me I'm not seeing things... any resemblance with real life is purely coincidental. :-D


I want to make an update on something I forgot to talk about. Last Friday's Non-Farm Payrolls. I saw a lot of cheering because the report was so much better than expected and how the unemployment dropped from 10.2% to 10%. Well, I don't see a reason for cheering such numbers. And why is that?

We have to take into account the season we're in. I don't know how it is in USA - well actually I do - but here in Portugal, stores during November start to recruit a lot of workers for the Christmas season, but then what? They get dumped in January pretty much. So I don't see much reason to cheer... the drop in the numbers of NFP were ONLY because of the hiring due to the TEMPORARY hiring companies ensued for Christmas. Wal-Mart alone accounted for the creation of around 65,000 temporary jobs! So we know how this will be once all those temp workers get dumped for unemployment again...

And we all know how BLS tracks unemployment figures ... here's something you should watch:

Are you unemployed?
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