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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Very late update...

I apologize for the very late update but I was a bit busy lately so I didn't have much time focusing on doing an appropriate update.

In regards to the indexes, not much has been going on... We've been in this boring range tight market for almost 2 months. What I said before still stands. We should be rolling over soon.

In fact, the dollar seems to have changed to the beginning of an uptrend. This reinforces the possibility of the indexes following suit soon.

EURUSD has definitely changed the trend... in fact wave 5 seems to be extending. Euro may find support in the 1.43xx area.

USD Index seems to have broken out of the downward channel it had been for almost 5 months. It also broke it's Long term trendline. Add this to the fact that the Elliott Wave Structure looks complete now, it has a very high degree of possiblity to begin quite a rally here.

First target will obviously be the 221 MA.

Although USD Index is very correlated to the indexes it doesn't mean they move in exact tandem. In EW terms for example USD Index could now be in the beginning of Wave 1 up, while the indexes (S&P and DOW) are in the midst of the final wave. This happened in 2008 in a lot of assets (ones being already in wave 1 down while others still upward). EURUSD for example should correct soon a bit, this could be a catalyst for new highs on the indexes (for their final wave) while Euro failing to make new highs (which i find very unlikely).

Gold and Silver seem to have started the downward move as well....

To me, this seems to be the long term picture...


Also we're almost making changes in our LM Portfolio. Again, if you followed the portfolio, I hope you took my hint of starting the portfolio on November 1st due to seasonality. Long term, it shows that buy ins starting November have a statistical edge over other periods. It may not happen one year or another but long term it seems to be this way, so this was the reason on my own portfolio I did the same as I stated before the September 26th buy in.

This seasonality chart shows the reasoning behind it:

   As you can see, most the buy calendar periods fall in either trending up periods or after a big correction (August-October period).

I will go further in detail on this, once we make an update of LM Portfolio
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