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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Portfolio Update

Hello everyone. I first am sorry for not updating the site lately, but it has been kind of hard to keep up with everything that comes in my face.

In my opinion market commentary, I don't think I will be doing as much in 2010. I don't think people take much advantage of it, and then how can people know I am putting the money where my mouth is?

For this year of 2010, I will be more focused in working on  my systems (both the Portfolio and the trading system).

I am thinking deeply of joining some kind of website that audits a person's trades like for example. I need to start building my own official track record with a known entity.

What is collective2 you might ask? Well, go to the website and read... but to sum up, is a website that links my accounts to their server and everytime I make a trade or a recommendation, it issues alerts to whoever is following me. So for instance on the LM Portfolio if I'd say to buy a stock at open tomorrow, it would issue to your e-mail, cell phone or whatever. There is also a possibility to make it automatic. Let's say you'd trust my recommendations enough, you could link your brokerage account to Collective2 servers and everytime I'd make a trade, the position would be opened on your account automatically.

So that will be my goal for 2010. Starting to build a track record of my own and audited as well.

If you're thinking "Oh no, what's the price tag of that?" Zip. I will be issuing alerts free for a long time in order to build that audited record. I will be using both the LM Portfolio as well as the trading system. I don't mind sharing really...

So, I'll launch a poll here on the sides regarding this issue... if you feel that something like would be beneficial just answer YES if not just say NO. In my humble opinion, this would be a step forward to have a more transparent record of results, than just a spreadsheet posted here in the website.

Let me know what you think.

Finally, I'll post the spreadsheet (oh yeah the spreadsheet) of LM Portfolio and it's performance all updated with the last purchases etc.

The cells filled with grey belong to stocks that are not anymore part of our portfolio and were sold.

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