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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

LMP Update v2

We are still postponing the purchase of the new companies, which still weren't announced. They will be soon.

Apart from that, the portfolio is doing wonders so to speak. The last batch of stocks that that were bought a year ago, and sold yesterday, the average return translated into +18% (not including dividends) while the S&P during the same time period (June 2009 - June 2010) made +12.5%.

Of the 6 stocks though, the outperformance clearly came from 2 companies only, but that is to be expected. Some will underperform (usually the majority) while a couple ones will make heavy over performance covering all the underperformance of the other stocks and then some making it possible to beat the market.

Also I'm glad we did make the change on the strategy as well. The hedging part of our portfolio, where I use a longer term version of "Zé Manel" serving as an overlay to neutral our portfolio by shorting the market as a whole, while keeping our beloved stocks. Since we first started this overlay, our overperformance increased from +46% to +60%  as of today !

 This means that our stocks as a whole have been falling less than the market as a whole, and at times even being able to make a bit of money. Of course under this strategy the goal is not to make money, but to hedge our portfolio of market risk and to maintain our gains and for us to be dependent on our stock picks exclusively.

For example, today which was a down day for the market with more than 1% down, we actually managed to gain a few dollars with an up day of our portfolio of +0.50% ... I wish all days could be like this :) it won't... but we should keep our eyes on the big picture, and I believe we really do have a winning strategy here

EDIT: The portfolio as of today

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