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Thursday, July 1, 2010

House numbers

Today the house numbers were really really bad: -30% which was a number 3 times higher than what it was expected.

This is what I've warned before and before, without the FED intervening the market just collapses. We've seen good numbers for the past 12 months, exclusively due to the programs that the FED implemented throughout the country in order to hold the prices. So, once they ended the programs back in April, we now see these numbers !
Now what will they do? Let the market function properly or intervene once more ? If they do, where will they get the money? Print it? They can't hold the prices forever... either it breaks, or they will have to print themselves out of this mess, and then face freakin' super inflation. No matter what the step is, it leads to a crisis either deflation or superinflation...

Again, the crisis is en route !

P.S - Today was another good day for the portfolio ! Despite of the decline of the markets of -0.5% and in the middle of the day the markets even got to -1.7%, the portfolio ended the day in the green at a variation of +0.53% ...

Let's hope it keeps this way on the down days ;)

A few stats:

+47.16% return since inception (dividends not included)
+24.52% annual return (dividends not included)

Portfolio vs. Market = +60.54% (dividends not included) - our overperformance from yesterday increased from the high 59.xx%'s to 60.54% an increase of almost 1% which is great !!

Market Return since inception of Portfolio: -13.38% (dividends not included)

June Market Return: -6.1%
June LMP Return: +2.02% 

What does this mean? Translating it, it means that yes our stocks as a whole went declined as well, but they declined only -4.08% while the market declined more than 6%, and since we are short the market, thus the difference is our gain.

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