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Thursday, November 25, 2010

LMP Portfolio

It has been a long time since an update in our portfolio.

We haven't added a single security in the past 6 months and in a way I am happy we didn't since a lot of our shares have gained a lot since then rising more than the index itself.

I'm not happy with one thing though, the fact that we haven't made money for the past 5 months or so due to the fact that we are hedged. I assume the responsibility of that but unfortunately I know how it is watching the markets run up and we are hedged without making any money (or very little) on the upside. Indeed our portfolio filter did have us exiting our shorts around the 1120 area (at a loss) but since I wasn't able to post it here I am counting as if the short is still on.

If we hadn't, we would be up around 75% since inception instead of the current 53'ish %. We still managed to turn out a eek 5% increase in the portfolio but we always want to achieve more here at myBullmarket.

Even with all these intrinsics and episodes around the portfolio we are still beating the S&P for the year by a reasonable margin (although we should've been demolishing it). YTD we are up +13% while S&P is up +8.9% all this by being hedged most of the year and only invested in 75% since we still do have 25% in cash.

Along the way some of our stocks have been through some changes, so if you're following us you probably noticed that DECKERS for example, one of our best performers underwent on a 3:1 stock split and Aeropostale on a 3:2 stock split as well, so all of you have seen your shares increased. That is why in the portfolio table the entry values are now different from our original entries in order to take into account those adjustments from stock splits and also dividends.

So here is how our portfolio is currently invested:

At the end of the year we will indeed need to do some rebalancing, since some of our allocations are now going out of our threshold values.

Stick with us because there is still a lot more to come.
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