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Friday, November 26, 2010

USD Update

Please refer to my last post about USD and our long-term calls.

This post is just a follow up and see how this last call is so far doing. Around two weeks ago I defended the Euro had topped and we were poised for a big move down in Euro (and implicitly a big move up on USD) in the following weeks.

The fact is following that post the USD has risen almost 8% now which in the currency world is a very big move already. EURUSD dropped already almost 1000 pips which is very considerable and if one were to be short that would translate into 10 000 dollars of profits per contract - a very handsome fee indeed.

Here's how the picturee has unfolded since then:

It seems that our call is on the wagon thus far... If indeed my prognostic is right, this leg that has started now should take the USD higher in a very powerful move since we are now crossing into third wave territory.


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